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Need any help with your course booking?

Welcome to the course booking site for Heartwood Herbal Medicine education and training.

Most of the course bookings on this site require an access code, which should have been given to you at the end of the course registration process. If you have forgotten it or are having difficulties with access please send an email to

If you have not yet registered for the courses or training placements offered here, please go to our home page to find out more, or our contact page to begin the process of registration.

Best wishes from the Heartwood Team and we hope you enjoy your course!

2 thoughts on “Need any help with your course booking?

  1. I’m trying to pay you £40 as a first installment for the Foundation Course. I’ve tried the username and password already used when first contacting you. I’ve tried the username given by you, together with the temporary password also given by you. Further, I’ve tried all the above with a ‘generated’ password offered on your page. None of this will allow me to progress. All I get is a message informing me that my email address is already allocated and to ‘please log in’ – which, manifestly, I can’t. All of this is hugely frustrating. Can you help?
    Regards, David Akehurst.

    1. Hello David,

      Our apologies that you have experieced these difficulties with the online payment system. I can see that you have now made a bank transfer, thank you.
      As you have now completed the payment, do you still require our help?

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